Ashoka Diamond

William Goldberg Way 589 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10017

It takes a special piece of rough to become an ASHOKA® diamond. Fewer than one percent measure up to the exacting standards. The rough must be larger and longer than most. The cut has to be precise and true to the qualities of the stone. The polish must meet unparalleled standards of excellence. Every ASHOKA® diamond is cut by the master cutters at William Goldberg, guaranteeing its quality, brilliance and rarity.
The ASHOKA® diamond is a stunning affirmation of William Goldberg’s vision — extraordinary, exquisite and filled with joy. It is a diamond without equal. The Diamond of Legend.™

You will only find the ASHOKA® diamond at very select jewelers around the world. For a complete list of retailers visit:

ASHOKA® and the ASHOKA CUT CONFIGURATION are trademarks of William Goldberg, Inc. The diamond cut is covered by U.S. Design Patent #D418444.

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