Kiran Gems

To continue to provide our clients with the highest level of service with our constant innovations in everything we do.

KIRAN GEMS is the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Natural Diamonds and India’s Premier Diamantaire, establishing benchmarks not just for sheer scale of operations, but also for product quality, precision and variety, integration of technology, manufacturing and wider social responsibility.

At one end of the chain we work with established and leading mining companies including De Beers, Alrosa, Dominion Diamonds and others, while at the other, our client list covers many of the world’s best and most revered jewellery and watch manufacturers, retailers and brands.

Today’s giant had modest beginnings, but grew rapidly after it was set up by Mr Vallabhbhai Patel, Mr Babubhai Patel and Mr Mavjibhai Patel. In 1985, it began diamond manufacturing operations, and ever since there has been steady expansion both in India and globally, with advances both in terms of the range of product offerings as well as quality and service.

Success in business has been driven by the willingness to evolve, to adapt to the needs of a constantly changing environment. This approach is itself deeply rooted in the Company’s philosophical outlook, or should we say way of life. Trust, integrity, ethics are the cornerstones of the set up that Kiran has established and the five Ps – principle, passion, partnership, progress and performance – are the guiding sutras of its success.

Today, Kiran Group has its offices, trading and manufacturing units in Mumbai, Surat and UAE.

The Group has a number of specialized manufacturing units and is the largest user of advanced hi-tech manufacturing systems in the diamond industry. It manufactures and exports both rounds and fancies in all shapes, colors, clarities and sizes from the smallest upto 3.00 carats.

The ability to offer the widest range of polished goods, and also deliver the highest standards on every front has helped us build long term relationships. Today 90% of our clients are repeat customers, for whom Kiran, with its large inventory, acts as a ‘One-stop Shop’ for almost every need.

It’s this commitment to excel, to match scale with superior technology and deliver both quantity and quality that has made Kiran Gems a Global Leader today.

Vallabhbhai Patel

A self-taught entrepreneur and Founder of Kiran Gems, Mr. Patel is the driving force behind Kiran’s emergence as a global leader in diamond manufacturing contributing both with his strategic vision and sharp business acumen. He entered the industry over four decades ago and has steadily worked his way up to the very top, gaining a hands-on understanding of every stage of diamond manufacturing.
With this rich experience garnered over time, he has developed a special expertise in procurement of rough diamonds and manufacturing techniques and has played a key role in the Group’s development in both these fields. His simple vision, formulated without any formal training in business management was “Expand and grow based on a firm ethos and commitment.”
Mr Patel’s willingness to keep abreast of the latest developments in technology and management practices has helped him provide an overall vision and leadership to the Group, founded on a firm commitment to “transparency in operations” and “equal respect to every individual in the organization”.
Fired by a philanthropist’s passion, Mr Patel has extended generous support to a number of projects in health care, education and other fields.


A first-generation entrepreneur of Kiran Gems, Mr. Patel is a charismatic business leader with over three decades of experience. His vision in the spheres of finance and strategy gave thrust and direction to the Group’s expansion plans globally, and his grasp of marketing and distribution guided the entry into varied global markets. With his skill and expertise in handling the financial aspects of the business, Mr Patel oversees the Group’s Global Finance and Business Development operations, but continues to firmly believe that “learning is a continuous process”.

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